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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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roy moore would be considered a victory for the tea party movement, but we'll see what happens. in the meantime, we've got special coverage all night long beginning with lou dobbs, he's next. keep it right here on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we are awaiting a major decision on president trump's travel ban that is set to expire this sunday. sources close to the process say the trump administration is expected to replace the president's original executive order affecting six muslim countries with new, more targeted restrictions on as many as eight or perhaps nine nations. president trump signaled just last week that he favored a wider travel ban, tweeting after friday's london terrorist attack, quote: the travel ban into the united states should be far larger, tougher and more specific. but stupidly, that would not be politically correct.
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fox news correspondent kevin corke live in somerset, new jersey, where president trump will be spending much of this weekend. good evening, kemp. kevin. >> reporter: hey there, my friend, good to be with you. you're right, this is a more targeted travel ban. you mentioned eight or nine country, it could end up being more than that, lou. these are just recommendations which ultimately means the president could decide between now and sunday to change things just slightly. now, let me just share some of what we know already about the existing travel ban and how they're now trying to tweak things just a bit. the existing travel ban, as you know, expires on sunday, and that's important because it means between now and then the administration will try to make changes that will affect how different people can get into this country, something we've been talking about at length in terms of the safety and security of the american people. now, a final decision is expected by the deadline on sunday, and the white house does plan to make public the list of countries that are now going to be affected. let me share just the list that
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we already have. some of these countries, you can imagine, would already be on the list, countries like iran and libya, somalia, sudan, syria and, of course, yemen. and, yes, we do expect that list to grow. but again, the restrictions, lou, on each will be handed out on a case-by-case basis. let me just share a few of the guidelines. i think you'll find this useful. a full list of the countries have already been notified, and some of them already affected include cambodia, guinea and sierra leone. this, again, is travel restrictions that are tailored based on each country's deficiencies as it relates to u.s. security and relevant circumstances. and this is important too, each country, lou, will face different recommended sanctions. >> what the travel ban is, is a first step, a first step in better screening, better sharing of information to encourage governments to meet the requirements that we have so that it allows us to protect our own people. >> reporter: listen, that's
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what we're talking about here. it's about the safety and security of the american people. we have to protect ourselves, and the administration -- if you talk to officials -- they're really trying to drill down on this idea that we're going to do all we can including this particular travel restriction ban. now, it won't eliminate the court battles that are related to the constitutionality of the existing ban, but the aclu tonight has released a statement, they are watching this very carefully. let me just share part of one of the statements that we got tonight, lou, i think you'll find this interesting as well. it reads this in part: the devil is in the details, and we're watching with great skepticism. this looks to be trump administration's third try to make good op an unconstitutional -- on an unconstitutional campaign promise to ban muslims from the united states. now, of course, the white house will tell you this has nothing to do with the religious affiliation. this is about making sure people coming from terror-prone countries don't get here which, of course, could put us all at great risk. again, we'll be watching how this unfolds between now and
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sunday. for now, back to you. lou: kevin, the constraint of the -- the restraint and constraint of the aclu, remarkable there. just simply blanket unconstitutional. i don't know why he's waiting or watching anything, he seems to have already made up his mind. and, by the way, his conclusion is not surprising coming from the aclu on these travel bans. you know, it's really, it's quite something. here is a president who has had to deal with a cadre of left-wing district court judges to get the american people to a point where he can even refine these executive orders to protect the nation. it's really stunning stuff. kevin corke, as always -- >> reporter: it really is. lou: great to have you with us. good to see you. the federal government has notified 21 states that hackers targeted their election systems last year. 21 states. in nearly every case, the election systems weren't successfully breached, and the
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top election officials in those states did not know about the attacks on those states until today. cyber attacks that had been carried out notified just about a year after they took place. we do not know why. homeland security did not tell us. officials telling the associated press that they believe the hackers were russian, whether that means state actors or hackers located in russia is not clear. for the record, the department of homeland security said not a single vote was altered by those hackers a year ago, so why, why are we only learning of this now? the question remains unanswered. it's been a week of jaw-dropping revelations about the obama administration and how it pursued the greatest politicization of intelligence in law enforcement agencies in american history. it began when we learned that the fbi wiretapped former trump
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campaign manager paul manafort. we learned that monday. an egregious act of political snooping long denied by the obama national security director, james clapper, who even in the friendly confines of a cnn interview wednesday could no longer hide the fact that he lied. and now admits it's conceivable those wiretaps did pick up president trump as well just as president trump has claimed for months. we also found out this week that president obama's former u.n. ambassador, samantha power, spent the final year of her service to the administration obsessively unmasking american citizens caught up in foreign surveillance at a rate of almost one per day. we say foreign surveillance, we assume that there was a foreign actor to in that surveillance, but we do know american citizens were surveilled, and she led the
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way in the unmasking. last and not least, we continue to watch the explosion of the prosecutorial time bomb that the former president left buried in the deep state. the unaccountable and out-of-control special come, robert mueller, and -- special counsel, robert mueller, and his squad of democratic attorneys interrogating now his own boss, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, and rosenstein -- who from 1990-1993 -- servedded as a trial attorney in the public integrity section of the doj's criminal division. his boss during those years? you guessed it, robert mueller. robert mueller, fbi director from 2001-2013. his term extended by president obama. james comey, fbi director from 2013-2017. appointed by president obama. hillary clinton, secretary of
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state from 2009-2013 under, of course, obama. and yet still after all of that these damning revelations, no one in congress has yet called for a special prosecutor to examine the entire layout of corruption within the obama administration that tangled, tawdry web of partisan players who politically weaponized the fbi, the cia, fisa, the interim revenue service, the state department, the entirety of the bloated government bureaucracy in direct opposition to the democratic principles that this country was founded on. my first guest tonight to address the subversion, the attempted subversion we hope, not successful subversion of the trump administration, the corruption of our intelligence agencies much more, joining us tonight ambassador james
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woolsey, former director of the central intelligence agency. it is great, ambassador, to have you with us. >> great to be with you. lou: you know, as we go through and canvas the level of corruption at the top of intelligence agencies whether it be the fbi, whether it be the cia, i mean, for crying out loud, john brennan lied about surveilling the senate intelligence committee that had oversight over his cia and then had to admit he lied without any, any kind of accounting. what to you make of the indifference on the part of both parties to that kind of egregious corruption in our government? >> the corruption is a serious problem, but even more so is becoming an ostrich. we have got ostriches making decisions about some of the most important things that we have to care about. look at puerto rico today and the absence of electric power,
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all of the chaos and difficulty. it's going the take them months at least -- lou: well, we're told it'll be months. we hope they'll do a lot better. >> we hope so. but being without electric power is an incredibly weakening thing for a society. and they have had in the previous three administrations and now in this one -- charles: you know, excuse me, ambassador, i'm really confused. i'm asking you a question about the corruption of the leadership of these intelligence agencies under the obama administration, and you're talking about power outages in puerto rico. >> right. lou: is there a -- >> is there a link. >> lou: -- conjoining of these issues? >> yes. because we have not been practicing and defending against electromagnetic pulses -- lou: james woolsey, i have got too much respect for you to allow you to confound, to attempt to confound us on a
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simple answer to a straight forward question. could i have been more direct? >> no, it's okay. corruption is a serious problem, i've got no argument about that. i don't think we have a very good handle on its roots, because sometimes it's the people get wedged into a position and just don't want to move which is the sort of thing i was talking about. sometimes there's money involved or a future career plan. there are -- lou: but i've just told you john brennan lied. james clapper lied to congress, to the american people, and there has been no response from either the justice department of this administration, nor the congress of the united states either republican or to democrat in the previous administration. i mean, that is, that is stunning stuff. >> i would think congressional hearings are the traditional and reasonable approach in something like this. these individuals need to be called before a congressional committee and asked to explain themselves. they ought to be able to get a
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hearing -- lou: hobbit a grand jury? >> -- how about a grand jury? everybody that's gone before a congressional hearing in the last ten years, as far as i know, has gotten a free pass, and there's been no effect. >> well, if the democrats, let's say, get a free pass from a republican administration, then maybe it's because they didn't do something wrong, or maybe it's because there's just a lot of confusion. but the main thing seems to me to be that we have to both get our leaders to wake up and not be asleep at the switch on some of the issues like i was discussing. and we have the keep them honest. and those are full-time jobs. lou: yeah. let me say just -- and i accept that as your conclusion, but as far as puerto rico's concerned, sir, i mean, they've got $80 billion in debt that will never be repaid. >> right. lou: they are bankrupt. they are corrupt to the bone. and we have seen it, and they
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are democratically led, and there seems to be a strong correlation to corruption on the part of the democratic party. with that, i mean, i just leave that with you as you, as you consider and contemplate the source of corruption even on island territories of the great united states. >> one of the institutions that had the biggest problem with corruption in puerto rico is the electricity grid. lou: yeah. >> if you're not doing that right, everything in society falls apart. lou: yeah. well, we've got plenty of problems. we need some men that have some solutions. we appreciate it, ambassador. good to have you with us, ambassador james woolsey. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ lou: president trump today condemning his predecessor's failure to deal with north korea's provocations. >> the united states has had representatives working on this problem for over 25 years, they have done nothing.
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lou: we take up the rising tensions between pyongyang and washington with general jack keane. iran responds to the president's u.n. remarks showing off its brand new long-range ballistic missiles. we take up iran's defiant conduct and its potential threat. much more straight ahead, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ ) ♪ stare with me into the abyss to f...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too.
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lou: kim jong un lashing out at president trump again today, calling him a, quote, mentally deranged dotard. it's a weak or senile old person, if you're wondering what that means and a word, frankly, i'd never heard before. aside from that, it's meant as an insult that i'm sure does not faze anyone in the trump administration. for more now on the showdowns that seem in prospect with north korea and iran, i'm joined by retired four-star general jack keane, fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: north korea keeps pushing and pushing. the difference is this time it appears -- i underline appears -- that xi jinping has joined with the president to try to begin to bring kim jong un under control. your thoughts. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, president trump from the
7:19 pm
very outset down in mar-a-lago has always understood that the path, that the best path to denuclearize north korea is through china, and is he's finally got china's attention in a way that no president -- the three previous presidents -- have not been able to do if what has been said turns out to be a reality, and let's take it at face value. and that is quite an accomplishment. and why is that really happening? why is that? well, the fact of the matter is president trump instinct ily knows what i think roosevelt knew, kennedy knew, reagan knew and he knows, that big power competition is fundamentally a test of will. test of wills. he feels that instinctively. and he knows that he has to get inside president xi's head and kim jong un's head and let them know that he is serious. he is not going to let kim jong un have mobile icbms that are
7:20 pm
nuclearized, move them around, and they can launch them in a matter of minutes. he cannot permit that to happen. and he is about convincing them to do that, and he's on his way to doing that. and that is an accomplishment of itself. it doesn't mean we have an answer, but he has clearly moved the ball. lou: and it's, the answers that may come could be very uncomfortable, indeed. talking about immense loss of life if there is to be military action. much of north korea would, as the president say, be annihilated. it is, it is a difficult process. until now we haven't had much hope that china who, we've got to be clear, created the monster that is north korea -- >> oh, absolutely. lou: there will be an accounting for them as well unless they are successful, because no one else really has the implements or leverage to be successful with kim jong un beyond xi jinping
7:21 pm
and the chinese government. >> yeah. president xi feels some pressure now, there's in doubt about it. he's got, you know, chinese communist party congress coming up, he's trying to solidify his power. he has -- he's one of the most ambitious chinese leaders that we've had in a generation. he clearly, in my judgment, wants to replace the united states as the preeminent global power in the world. he's revising the order or, you know, in the pacific and in asia. and this thing has finally gotten to be one big pain for him. and i think he and his team are likely going about getting, trying to get ahold of this thing so it stops taking them off the agenda that they have now. but you're absolutely right, lou, and our audience has got to understand that. they don't have nuclear weapons 12 years ago without chinese complicity. they don't have icbms without chinese complicity. they don't nuclearize icbms without chinese complicity.
7:22 pm
but now president trump says this is going to stop, i need your help, and if you're not going to help me, i'm going to go alone, and i'm going to take careful this. nothing in that part of the world will be the same after that. lou: general jack keane, thank you, sir. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the level of corruption and abuse of power during the obama administration now overwhelmingly dwarfs the watergate scandal? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram. on wall street today stocks mixed, the dow down ten point, the s&p up two, the nasdaq up four. volume on the big board, 2.8 billion shares. apple, the biggest drag on the dow this week, posting its worst performance in five months. uber losing its london license, a decision that the ride-hailing company says it will appeal under an accounting for about 5%
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of uber's worldwide active customers. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, some in big business choosing politics over running their companies and serving consumers. their egregious political attacks against president trump the subject of my commentary tonight. that and a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested lou: you probably noticed ceos have decided to go political, cast aside tradition, political done strint and attacking the president himself. they haven't been held to account.
7:28 pm
apple ceo calling immigration it biggest issue of our time saying congress needs to continue the daca program protecting young illegal immigrants. the average age, 26. anding one of 8 -- apple, one of 800 countries deciding to go political. google, amazon and facebook calling on congress to preserve daca. the five largest companies in this country by market cap are all technology companies and they spent $50 million on lobbying over the past year. double what the five largest banks spent. those two sectors are planning to spend a lot more. the ceos aren't adding
7:29 pm
anything to the debate on immigration while obviously losing focus on elements of their own businesses. demand for the iphone 8 tepid at best. the i watch has cellular connectivity problems and there are supply concerns about the iphone 10 and there are questions about whether apple can hit that schedule. as for facebook, the on known collusion with russia over the 2016 election appears to have occurred between facebook and the russians. facebook saying it will turn over ads bought by russians to congressional investigators after russian operatives spent $100,000 and bought 3,000 ads on facebook. the chamber of commerce, the business round tables spent billions of dollars lobbying for amnesty for illegal immigrant
7:30 pm
and open borders for the past decade. now the ceos of their member companies are desperate because we spent vastly more money to lobby on immigration than they have on healthcare or international trade. they have spent billions over the last decade and they still have not succeeded in silencing the american people. now the multi-nationals and their ceos find themselves on the losing side of this critically important historic argument, on ought wrong side of history. citizens may count for something in our politics after all. now the quotation of the evening from winston churchill. politics he says is not a game. it's an earnest business and it's continuing to be so with each passing day more and more.
7:31 pm
we are coming right back. president trump heading to alabama to campaign for establishment candidate senator luther strange who trails populist roy moore. >> he could have stayed out of this race. but he picked me because he knows it's critical to the implementation of his agenda. this jokester finding a you-peek in way to send off summer involving a pizza and iceberg. we are coming right back with it and much, much more. or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. they always refer to me as master sergeant.
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lou: president trump in alabama tonight supporting candidate for senate luther strange. in birmingham it's touting the president's endorsement with a big ole chamber of commerce sticker. that may move more votes than that message. efforts to repeal and replace obamacare tonight, we had developments in washington, d.c. they are essentially dead. senator john mccain said he
7:36 pm
could not quote in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy proposal end quote. senator susan collins is as she often is, leaning against an issue, and this one, this bill. it's going to be a tough slide. joining me to executives repeal and replace efforts. the doinged determination to kill it -- the dogged determination to kill it and the alabama primary be ed rollins. the smartest man in politics. ed: the critical thing on this healthcare bill is let's get it over with. let's not play another week here. it's done. i think there is another three or four hiding under the cover and to a certain extent they never made the sale for it. at the end of the day it ought
7:37 pm
to be a lesson for the president. if he wants a tax bill, he will have to sell it. he will have to give a nationwide speech and tell people why it makes a difference. lou: this is a legislative evident and this is something that requires the energy, the persuasion and the alliance of paul ryan in the house and mitch mcconnell. how much of this nonsense are they trying to see the conference put up with. >> their heart wasn't in either one of them. mcconnell was never enthused about healthcare. lou: his idea of an endorsement is it's better than the status quo. ed: a senator from his own state
7:38 pm
rand paul is a no vote. i think this is something they all promised. if this is the dough bait in the 2018 election, it will be a nasty debate for republicans. lou: the vice president is acting curious to me. he's -- he was out pushing tax reform in indiana today. that's an interesting place to rev it up. but he was using some first person sing you lars, he's going to do this and he's going to do that. he's starting to look like what people suspected he might. he's running his own political organization and it seems like it's not designed to support the president of the united states. not as it should. ed: at the end of the day there is no place for mike pence unless president trump succeeds.
7:39 pm
he can't put the 46th presidency inaugurals together if something happens to trump. if trump is not successful pence won't be successful. he's there and he is part of this team and he better be a part of this team. i happen to like mike pence. lou: a very likeable fellow. ed: he will have to play by the trump game. lou: why did he create a pac by himself? ed: i didn't understand that. i think the president needs a pac to sell his programs and not worry about getting re-elected. i think this is coming down to -- this president had a great week. this president had a strong, strong week. combination of the way he assisted in the various
7:40 pm
tragedies, he was a dominant force this week. lou: is he ever not a dominant force? there may be some weeks when people don't like what he says or whatever. ed: in the year and a half since he has been on the national stage. no one else has taken a half-hour away from the conversation about him. this was a big magnificent week. lou: i love the naits speech. i think it's the best speech ever by a president of the united states at the united nations. it was that powerful. ed: even the detractors couldn't do have much to detract. the clarity was so significant and the power of the presentation. lou: and at intelligence of the presentation. let me turn to debbie
7:41 pm
wasserman-schultz, the am ran ty that the left-wing media succeeded in burying. ed: there is no prosecution unless the justice department decides to step it up. her people were involved in everybody's technical stuff. i would think they would be appalled. i would think democrats across this country would be appalled. at the end of the day i think she is back where she should be as a member of congress. this is a big scandal and we need to start unraveling it. lou: where is the justice department? the leadership of the justice department seems to have no guts. ed: there is no leadership.
7:42 pm
mueller has taken the ball. and the attorney general is doing drugs and immigration in california. lou: it looks like somebody gave him the keys. ed: he's got whole government. he's clearly overstepping the bounds. lou: watergate, all about surveillance by a president. and this scandal now is about surveillance. for crying out loud the cia surveilling the senate intelligence agency. head of the cia under president obama lying about it, finally having to admit it. we are watching the fbi, lying james comey, lying robert mueller. in each instance there is a conflict of interest that is
7:43 pm
overwhelming. ed: the president has a lot on his plate. lou: should he fire mueller. ed: he should take charge mueller. i would ask for his resignation. lou: light up those investigations. ed rollins, good to see you. ed: happy birthday. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. do you believe the level of corruption and abuse of power during the obama administration overwhelmingly thwarts the watergate scandal? please roll the video. what do you do after completing a grueling 6-week expedition to greenland? i personally don't have the answer to that.
7:44 pm
one national geographic member did, riding an inflatable pizza into the frigid water. doesn't that look like fun? no, it doesn't. chief executives getting political with jamie dimon. forbes media chairman steve forbes. we take that up and much more. stay with us, we are coming right back.
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lou: jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon doing what he's been doing a lot. weighing in on the north korean crisis saying it's terrible. but investors should not panic. did you see what the dow did today? did see what the indexes have been doing in the rest of us have. dimon is not an original their. he said if the united states would do some things right, we would be growing 3%.
7:49 pm
we know we have been doing that because president achieved that in the second quarter of this year. i don't know what jamie dimon is on. i know he's the new chair of the business rounds table. but come on. get some original stuff. joining knee a man who always -- joining me is a man who always has original stuff. happy anniversary to you with your new book "forbes @100. " here it is. the hundred brightest folks -- living folks in business. it's well worth your time and money. including the president. one of the best pictures. it captures donald trump's character, his nature and
7:50 pm
personality. it's terrific. you have 35 billionaires sitting on stage with you including warren buffet. it was spectacular. >> he was in good form. 87 years old. of all the people who have been on the forbes rich list is there not one short seller. people who sell america short are losers. lou: warren buffet is talking ad-lib and he talks about the number of people in the country over the age of 100. i wonder where is this going? i think it's 54,000 people. but over 50,000 people are over the age of 100. he did a little more research and found out they are women
7:51 pm
principally. there are 10,000 guys and 40,000 women dominating as always. steve: then he said maybe i should get a sex change operation. lou: who knew there were that's people over 100. they were a brilliant delight. the party you threw. the whole evening was wonderful. so another 100 to you, my friend. steve: thank you. maybe technology we can celebrate it 100 years from now. steve, let's turn top jamie dimon. the ceos are getting involved in politics and i am annoyed because they are attacking the president who is making them a lot of money with his stewardship of the economy and his policies removing regulations and proposing to cut taxes. why are these ceos taking
7:52 pm
these risks abandoning tradition? steve: many of them are in states where donald trump is not very popular. the west coast, silicon valley. east coast, wall street. lou: will he be held accountable? lou: shareholders by customers. steve: i don't want regulators getting into politics. lou: i don't want ceos in politics. steve: they have been in politics forever in one way or another. in terms -- this is where in addition to deregulation. lou: steve forbes, good to see you. tax cuts. i thought we would leave it there.
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up next, moments away from president trump's remarks at a rally in alabama. we'll talk about how the senate race is dividing the republican party. stay with us. hborhood do not graduate from high school. the kids after school, they are alone and they have nowhere to go and we tried to solve that problem by having this wonderful place where they can be children. wtef is the washington tennis and education foundation. we help the kids with their academics, and we teach them tennis. we have retired teachers doing the tutoring and they're here every day. wtef is the sole beneficiary of the citi open® tournament. since citi® has become the sponsor of this tournament, citi® has helped us raise more funds. that means we are able to serve more children.
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7:57 pm
depth of corruption among the intelligence community's leaders? 94% of you say yes. joining me, dom jirks ordano and deirdre bolton. >> i was listening to your conversation with ed rollins. he says it's not going to happen before september 30. so i'm going to believe him since he has been around a lot longer. i know there was hope for the state of alaska. i know murkowski was worked on. maybe if we give your citizens a different choice. we could get this done. lou: we have to give rand paul a lot of credit.
7:58 pm
he said he won't be bullied and he won't be bought. that puts him in a singular position in the u.s. senate. you have to respect that. >> you do have to respect that though it's mightily difficult for those who want to pass it. lou: the idea the republican party, 7 years, over 60 votes in the house repealing it it comes to the moment and everybody is in power. dom, let's get your view on what this portend for tax reform and for the future with mcconnell and ryan. >> rand paul is a friend. and i agree he's a man of tremendous principle. but here is john mccain giving cover to a number of these
7:59 pm
republicans who just don't want to do this. so it doesn't portend very well for taxes. deals are made all the time. these guys were elected to get things done, allegedly to follow the president's agenda. i'm not a fan of luther strange in alabama, i'm a roy moore guy. lou: we'll hear from the president tonight on this at a luther strange rally. we have the president of the youth, a populist supporting the establishment candidate. >> you couldn't write this any better than if you were writing political fiction. it seems the president is going down there. and strange is gaining. lou: the latest number is 6%.
8:00 pm
>> but closed down from 11. lou: we'll have you both back soon. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night. reporter: the president of the youth is about to take the stage in huntsville, alabama in support of a cad his base doesn't -- a candidate his base doesn't like. a luther strange victory would be a victory for president trump. he's trying to send a message to the congress that he donald trump can make or break any republican. luther strange is facing an uphill battle. just days before the runoff against a washington outsider. this is the man senator strange


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